The truth about saxophones…

I was looking up alternative fingerings for top G on the soprano this evening, as you do, and stumbled across this rather wonderful introduction to the world of curly brass tubes with holes in.  It’s all true.  Especially the bit about needing ear-defenders for the pets…


Back to Buxton…

… or ‘How to win an award without really trying!’

Back in July last year we played a concert as part of the Buxton Festival Fringe in Derbyshire.  The festival organisers were friendly and efficient, the venue was a splendid Methodist church with wonderful acoustics, lots of people turned up to listen, we all had a thoroughly good time and went home happy; definitely a success.  Then we got a very nice write-up from Andrew Hodkinson, one of the festival’s roving reviewers, which we were very chuffed about. Shortly after that, we heard that we had won an award for producing the ‘Most Enjoyable‘ musical event of the festival.

We do aim to put on concerts which are as enjoyable for the audience members as they are for us, and we do really enjoy ourselves, so maybe this shouldn’t have been such a surprise.  We were pleased as Punch even so, and will be putting on another concert at Buxton on Thursday, 19th July 2012.  Hope to see you there!

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the Sovereign Saxophone Octet’s new blog!

All the usual kind of stuff will find it’s way on here, especially as July (and Buxton) approach – but more of that later.  We hope you enjoy our blog.  If it inspires anyone to come to our concerts, or investigate the wonderful world of saxophonic meanderings further, even better!

🙂 hs